Friday, April 04, 2008

Let's just say yesterday was interesting...

Yesterday we were running around in hyper mode most of the morning - but I got to relax on Friday so I am far from complaining. After school, Haeley's cousin invited her over to play. I said that they had to get their homework and lunch done first and then she could come over. She leaves and then about 15 minutes later she is walking up the driveway, rather upset, with our neighbor Jason - who is a highway patrolman and home during the day. He has Tyler on the phone (he used dispatch to find him) because Haeley told him that no one was home. So now Tyler is thinking something is wrong with me. But when Jason spots me through the window he realizes everything is ok. What Haeley meant was that her cousins were not home. Grandma had taken H & A to see Horton Hears a Who. Haeley came in the house sobbing. She sat in my lap and cried for quite a while. I was down right mortified about the whole thing. Ahhh! I know she was tired but when I saw Jason walking up I really thought Haeley was in trouble, not ME! either way, not good.

Then after dinner, as a family we took a drive up to the reservoir that feeds the reservoir we can see from our house. It was still solid frozen - just maybe a foot or so of water showing along the banks. Tyler said in the 30 years he has lived in this valley, he has never seen that place frozen over. It was beautiful. I know right where I'd put a cabin up there if I could! Then we turned around from where we parked, CJ wanted to throw rocks in the the water, and there were something like 28 deer on one hillside. We counted about 40 while we were up there. I think the most I have seen at one time is 14 - so this was really cool. I usually tease Tyler that we never see any wild life when we go looking for it. We weren't looking for it last night. We splashed through the mud puddles and had fun in the Jeep.

Then when we got home we had a treat. Ice cream. Tyler and Haeley had vanilla with chocolate syrup and I had mint chocolate chip. CJ wanted dinosaur chicken nuggets. Then he didn't want them, but didn't want ice cream. Tyler figured out that he wanted the chocolate syrup so he poured some on one nugget. He LOVED it. So he poured it on the rest of them and CJ scarfed them up. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I really was trying not to gag, but it was so funny.

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Krysta said...

Sounds like a crazy and fun day! Haley with the police!?!? My heart would have sunk and gone in panic mode. I'm glad it was a little are so funny, especially Coleton with the chocolate chicken nuggets! Whatever makes 'em eat!!