Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Scenics

Tyler took this one of the river near Mesa Falls. I love the rapids!

I took this one near Big Springs - LOVE RAW! I'm learning to take scenics. Besides Coleton wanted to walk across a foot bridge and see the river from the other side so I took a few photos just for fun.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


There are lots of great places to go to in Idaho, especially the closer you get to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed in a great cabin near a lake and even with all 26 of us there, it never felt crowded. Now if we can get Hk's vest that she left/hid. Anyway, it's great to be home. If you'd like to check out the family photo we took for their Christmas card this year go here!

Mesa Falls

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fundraiser Dinner

Last night I had dinner with one of the greatest Opera singers to come out of Utah, Cache Valley, in fact. In fact, the woman we bought our land from was his dance teacher when he was a young boy. She is in her 70's and she and her husband have been married over 50 years. She still remembers, still has, the wedding gift that Michael Ballam gave to her as a child. The night went like this. All the ward members who purchased the dinner came to our house for photos first. We photographed each couple with the Ballams. Then we went across the street to my inlaw's and my brother in law and his wife made the dinner for the night. Tyler and I helped serve the meal but this year we actually got to sit down and eat with our guests. We had steak oscar. As he spoke of his childhood - needing to take dance to fix his legs, and it just amazes me how the Lord was directing his life. He was meant to be an Opera singer and he has changed Cache Valley for the better because of his love for music and performance. It was a wonderful experience sitting there, listening to his stories, working with President Hinckley, and knowing President Monson. And Michael Ballam has a great sense of humor and he is very quick witted. He has accomplished children including the one with spina bifida, and a loving wife. She teaches preschool in their home. Amazing. What a great night.

Monday, November 17, 2008

almost 2 years

I get my two years of remission check up tomorrow - not quite 2 years (that'd be December 7th) -so hopefully we'll be celebrating December 7th! Keep your fingers crossed. And please excuse me is I seem a little psycho this week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ghana Journeys

A friend of mine, from the USA, and her husband, from Ghana, have started a travel business in Ghana a part of West Africa. They rent and sell vehicles in Ghana. She has a great travel blog and info on preparing for a trip to Ghana. If anything just enjoy the photos and information on Ghana and Africa on their site:
Photo by Sonya Abu