Thursday, April 03, 2008

Haeley and Coleton

There are these new cute bags that I have started ordering for my photography clients. They are also a great way to advertise my photography business. So I couldn't decide on what I wanted on my tote. At the last minute I rushed the kids downstairs to the studio and photographed them together. Lots of chocolate later, we finally got this!

My bag should be here in 2 weeks and I can't wait to share them with you. Just think about what you could do with them and your family. I really wanted to make a dance bag for Haeley - maybe for next year. I wanted an up to date photo of her in a recent costume and her revue is in 6 weeks, so it won't be long. You can see two of the specials we are running on our site. In the meantime I am getting a catalog together with photos from our clients and we'll be offering them as a special product, like our canvas prints. If you know anyone getting married and you refer them to us and they pay for the sapphire or diamond collection, we'll get you your own bag as a thank you from us!

In the meantime, anyone got any ideas for birthday gifts for a 6 year old girl? It's getting harder and harder every year. I'd like to get her a small digital camera - but it needs to some thing affordable, needs a flash, and it needs to be able to take a beating! Got any ideas?


Misty said...

is chocolate what it takes? i guess i should try that. i have been wanting to get portraits of my kids forever, but spencer ALWAYS has some kind of bruise or abrasion on his face. i guess i should just get the pics anyway and capture this phase of his babyhood!

Conni said...

Have you thought about one of those Fisher Price digital cameras for kids, I don't know the cost, but they look pretty cool and should be able to take lots of bangs!

The Jones Family said...

The camera idea is great. They make them for kids. We got Caleb one for Christmas last year. I think it cost us 30.00. Anyway, reseach them a little first. On Calebs, its digital however the picture isn't very clear to view on the camera.
After she has taken a few pictures of some things she really loves, make a little purse she can carry her chapstick in and have the pictures she took printed on it. I'm sure she would love it...
Great picture of them both by the way! They are sooo adorable!!