Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

We enjoyed a little weekend fun at Grandma's house. Our yard is slowly growing in, so maybe in August we could actually put down a slip and slide somewhere. I am going to add links to some of the photography we've been doing lately. Feel free to let those families know what you think of their images or let me know what you think. We are still offering $35 for each photo session referral and we'll pay you as soon as they pay their minimum commitment fee. Hope you are having a great week! Now back to folding laundry...

Cook Children's Photography

Cook Family Photos

Donna's Family Photo for her 80th Birthday

San Diego Temple Sealing

Senior Photos

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free stuff!

Everyone likes free stuff once in a while, right?

See my examples on yesterday's post. Well, click on the first image here and then download the large image. It's a 12x12 page @ 300 dpi saved at 10 quality. And if you leave a nice comment on this post or yesterday's post, I'll email you the second page (a 12x24 inch two page spread) FREE!
Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Harvest

We are a little behind up here in Cache Valley. It's been rather wet and cold and we are just beginning to hit temps in the 80's. I know, weird! I picked spinach leaves and cleaned them today. I am in charge of dinner tomorrow, so I thought a nice salad would be great! Nothing else is really ready yet, but I am so excited at how well things are progressing. I learned from our cold spring last year and bought black plastic to put around the tomatoes - they are already blooming and we have dozens of little tomatoes on our 14 plants. I started my onions much earlier this year - they might actually be ready this fall and I put them on the outside edges to help keep bugs out and so I can easily harvest all the rest of the items that don't take as long to grow. After I pull up a few things this fall I am going to try and add one 4x4 square foot garden and see how it works for things like fall peas, cabbage, etc. You can grow the same amount of veggies in 20% of the space using that method - it's just that I don't want to have to re-do my drip irrigation so I'll have to come up with something clever. We'll see.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Eternal Family - San Diego Temple 2009

My mom's parents finally made the trek to the temple. They've been married for 62 years and now they'll be married for not just this life, but eternity. Grandpa is 84 and grandma is a few years younger. And what was even more wonderful is that my mom and her sister, their only children, were able to go with them and be sealed to them as well. My mom and her sister escorted Grandma and my Dad and Uncle Tony (their son is laws) escorted Grandpa through everything. It was pretty amazing to be there and believe it or not, the inside of the San Diego temple is even more beautiful. If you ever get the opportunity to go to San Diego, go check out this temple!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm behind but we're having fun!

First of all, I am a terrible videographer and I had a 3 year old boy sitting on my lap who was tired of the dress rehearsal and we were at the end of the 4 hours. Haeley had a blast and I really am upset that I missed taking video of the second song - she was so cute and smiled the entire time. Coleton was having difficulties. Her outfit was so adorable too. Of course, the ballet was so cute too! I love her costume this year. I got some fun photos to make up for it.

Oh and I've never uploaded video either so here goes!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Ready, Set, Register

Registration for CKmedia's Digital Scrapbook Experience is now open!

I will be teaching Better Photos for Storytelling and Photo Editing: Perfecting People.

Don't forget to download all of the Freebies- whether or not you are coming.

There is even travel and lodging information.

If you attend - please stop by and say hello!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Primary Party

Well, I'm experiencing a lot of firsts around here lately being new in Primary. Tomorrow is our first Primary party - a quarterly thing. We've divided it up into 15 minute segments and we are rotating through them. We figure on 60 people with leaders and children - we'll see. I am in charge of the Parable of the Pickle and I am going to have the children plant bush cucumber seeds. You can find the .pdf here.

The Primary President is in charge of the Articles of Faith section. We want to help them memorize all 13 and the children can earn a box of candy once a year when they pass them off. We are trying to have the children do this without competing with each other. Pass them off without other children around probably. But we want to give them an incentive. We have a struggling ward with wonderful people in it who just need a little boost. Life is, well, life. Anyway, the children will receive a bookmark focusing on the theme "My Eternal Family" (my husband took the photo of the Logan Temple and I made the bookmark) at the end along with a creamie pop and their planted seeds.

There will be relay races and games as well as serious activities such as the Articles of Faith Class, Word of Wisdom, and The Iron Rod obstacle course.

I wanted to share the Candy wrapper (notice this is not a candy bar wrapper - it's for things like Gobstoppers, Runts, Nerds, etc)

So feel free to print, cut, wrap, and glue them to your own candy boxes. If you share this - please give credit where it is due. Fonts are Autumn Leaves HairBrained, Arial, and Arial Black. It is 5.85 x 10 inches and I used Adobe photoshop and Illustrator to design it. I drew the children from an idea I saw online but it's not a copy - I just used the idea as a jumping off point.