Monday, February 28, 2011

We love snow

We got some really nice snow this past weekend.  You wouldn't believe it but there was no snow in our yard about 3 weeks ago.  NONE! We live on a private road too so thankfully there are a few people with snow plows on their trucks. It's not only our driveways we plow.

Driveway view - yes, it's that steep.

I don't usually help with the shoveling.  But this time I actually wanted to.  I have this terrible cold and so does my husband.  My throat felt a million times better while cold. And I don't think my husband could have managed to clean off the driveway and the front walk feeling so bad.

 This pile of snow is almost as tall as me!

So what do you do when you feel awful and your yard is knee waist deep in snow?
Let the kids go sledding with the neighborhood kids.

and work on a great Americana puzzle - the whole family helped on this one. Even my son helped to place the pieces we gave him. And I can't believe we didn't loose a single piece.  I'm ready to start another one...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gardening Cabinet

Click on any of the images to see them larger.
My mom's neighbor is moving to England.  She joined my mom and our family for Christmas Eve dinner because her husband is already over there.  After stuffing ourselves with snow crab my Dad asked if we could see her house.  It's like a museum with gorgeous pieces from all over the world.  When we walked into her office and I saw this piece I gasped and said, "This is gorgeous!" 
 I immediately envisioned it on my covered back porch filled with my gardening supplies but didn't say anything except, "Where did you find this?" My jaw was hanging open as I looked at it.  She must have decided right then that piece was going to be mine.  My parents showed up Wednesday with it in the back of their pick up truck.  I squealed! The movers were packing her container to ship to England and there just wasn't space.  It's in my garage for now.  I need to build something for the bottom to protect it from the elements if I move it outback.  It will be back against the wall where the wind and snow are not likely to reach it. But for now, I love driving into my garage while staring straight at this beauty.

Can you see the old beadboard in the back?  I know it needs 3 pieces of glass but that's do-able.  

Organization and space for everything

I've had these glass bottles tucked in a cabinet since we moved in.  They just look so much better in a lighter colored space unlike the dark window area in my kitchen.

And this basket it perfect for this space - until I start transplanting stuff.

Cool Hardware

And it's about as shabby chic as it can be.  My husband would never pay for something like this although I really adore the style.  It has it's place and it's the perfect gardening cabinet for me. Every girl needs a great space to work in and I now have mine.  Thanks again Pat! You're a sweetheart.  Travel safe.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sprouting in my window sill

We planted columbia cabbage, romaine lettuce, and purple kohlrabi on February 1st.
Here are the sprouts on the 11th.

The Kohlrabi wasn't sprouting so I stuck the heating pad under it.
I set it to LOW and it's only on during the day. We now have 8 of 12 sprouted.

And the Romaine Lettuce is coming along.  The Big Daddy Onions are too. I learned a few things about Onions HERE.  Some onions DO NOT STORE WELL.  I've been getting onion sets from Anderson's Seed and Garden.  I usually get a red and a yellow.  Walla Walla and Candy Red.  Last year I decided to try Big Daddy.

The big Daddy Onions are doing really well and so easy to store.  I didn't put them in the best spot of ground so they didn't get very big, but they are tasty and I still have a few left as you can see from the last photo. I decided to try and start them from seed so there is less of a problem with them going to seed this summer.  So far so good.  They seem really hardy.

It's nice to see something sprouting indoors even though it went from 50 back down to the low 20's.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Preserves Online Class - Restore your family history photos

I want you to be the first to know I get to run this class one more time.

Go Here to see more information about this class.
You'll need Photoshop Elements (6.0 or higher)
I got my copy of Elements at for $90 and it included a $20 gift card to Shutterfly.
 Photoshop (CS or higher) for about $699

This class is a self paced class over the internet.  Once you register you'll have lifetime access to the class videos.  Registration begins March 3rd. Class begins March 31st. I'll be sure to remind you again when the time draws near. 

Take a look at the high speed video of most of the class:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine!

Be mine Valentine!
Hope you're having a WONDERFUL day.

I can't take credit for these cute Valentine cards. I did make changes to them.
And we glued Crunch hearts to the front of them below their names.
I wish I could share the link but I can't find it now.

Anyway, I hope your heart is filled with love for your friends and family!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BUSTED - at 4:00 a.m.

At 4 this morning we heard this crash and busting glass.  WHAT? About a week ago an owl hit out bedroom window and woke us up so I'm thinking that we probably had a wild animal crash through a basement window.  Tyler grabbed his hand gun and we carefully searched the house. No broken windows anywhere.  Then we looked in the bathrooms.  The last one, the bathroom my children use, was filled with glass. The main light was missing something - the glass cover and the post that is supposed to hold it in place came loose, fell 9 feet,  and exploded all over the floor.  

We were pretty stunned.  How in the world?  I checked it and the threads are still good.  It just wasn't in securely enough at the top.  Our house is only 4 years old so all the fixtures are new and were professionally installed.  Even though I couldn't go back to sleep I am really grateful this didn't happen during the day.  One of my children could have been seriously injured. 

I've already vacuumed as much as possible.  Just need to mop, dry the rug, and check all the other light 
fixtures in the house. This is probably such a rare thing but might I suggest that you also check all your lighting fixtures too. 

Friday, February 04, 2011

World Joy Benefit dinner and auction

This is one of my most favorite people in the world.  He was my second mission president.  He served right after President Graff.  I served 18 months in the Washington DC North Mission from 97-99. A bit after President Farnes returned home he caught the vision of World Joy, a non-profit organization that his son started after adopting a boy form Ghana.  I wish Sister Farnes could have been there - love and miss her. She was under the weather.  I'm just going to have to drive down and see her.
The last four months of my mission I trained Sister Howlett and she married Stephen Abu who is from Ghana and his family is instrumental in making things run smoothly.  They also help get the best prices on the lumber, etc.  Stephen and Sonya now live in Ghana.  I dream of visiting there.  

Justin Hamilton also served with us in the WDCN mission. He provided a great price on the dinner and a beautiful place to hold our dinner and auction.

Here are a few photos from the auction area:

Yes, the Pepperidge Farm company is right up the road.

I made this poster up for Jodi and she had it framed.  This will be displayed in Sky View High School.  It'a a picture of Sky View Ghana Kindergarten.

Here's my sweet husband hard at work. You can also see the painting donated from Winborg and Greg Olsen.  Thank you both!
 So many wonderful volunteers. 

 And the banquet room.  

A hand carved nativity from Ghana that was donated.

Hard at work Sky View ambassadors. Amazing group of helpful teenagers.

I wanted one of these dolls so bad and before I even finished photographing the surroundings they were gone.  I just love how sweet and happy they look. So cute!

Jewelry donated

Apron donated

Gary Farnes introducing World Joy to those attending the dinner.

Jody Porter - brought this dinner together with flair and confidence.  

 Speaker from Ghana - USU student 

Fabulous African dancers from USU

And the coolest auctioneer ever! 

One basketball with BYU basketball team signatures went for $475.  Right after that the USU basketball with signatures went up for sale.  It sold for $575.  Good thing since we are in Aggie country. The room erupted with cheers and laughter.  It was truly a positive night.