Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my G5 is live!

my computer is back from the dead - so when I get caught up after over a week without I will be posting some photos and fun!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

My children really enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt and there was only one egg that we couldn't find. CJ was the last of all of his cousins to find his eggs but he was a good sport. Grandma gave them books, sand molds, squirt guns, and bubbles to enjoy this spring. I gave them some heavy duty plastic gardening tools - which they enjoyed this morning (along with their butterfly nets) until it became too windy. I also gave them a chocolate bunny, m&ms, reeses pieces, silly straws, socks, and a few other odds and ends. Last night we finished reading the book "When the Stone was Rolled Away" from the Believe and You're There LDS book series. I think HK is catching on more to the story of Christ and his sacrifice and resurrection. CJ listened which is a great thing to get a toddler to do when the story only has one drawing per chapter.

I am learning more and more about Gardening too. I have to jot things down so I do not forget. My SIL said that once I plant my cabbage outside I need to get a pack of ladybugs too. I know that the local garden store sells them. I am trying to stay away from pesticides. I gave a tomato plant to my MIL and SIL for Easter and as thanks for taking care of CJ while I was away. Today I moved two more tomatoes to my old gallon pots that I sterilized. I am putting new peat pots in my tray when I take the old ones out. I am now planting lavender which I am super excited about. I finally got dill seeds to plant outside when I plant my tomatoes. They are supposed to attract the bugs away from the tomatoes to the dill - making them easier to see and dispose of. I have plenty of pepper, tomatoes, and cabbage sprouts. I have most of my seeds, including potato seed which I stored in my basement fruit room until I can plant them. Which reminds me, I need to call the landscaping place and find out about top soil and boulders....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home at last - it was a long drive with it's unexpected twists and turns. But Orlando was beautiful for the 3 hours I was there. The wind was insane. It was with us the entire drive and even made me a little nervous at take off as the plane twisted back and forth before finally getting off the ground. Instead of 35 hours, it took 42 hours of driving and in 3.5 days. We were tired. We listened to the New Moon audio book and then read Peace Giver - quite the contrast. My mom had fun with HK and Tyler's mom had fun with CJ. I never thought I would actually drive across the United States again. I was 12 the last time we did that (from Ft. Rucker, Alabama to Ft. Richardson, AK - stopping in Texas to see Grandparents and then San Diego to see Aunts and Uncles on up to Seattle to see more relatives and then up to Anchorage.) This time we didn't travel quite as far and I was with my husband instead of my parents and brother and sister. Needless to say, I am glad to be home!

States and Cities along the way - I'd like to see Chattanooga, Tennessee again - probably in the fall


sorry, this one is not quite done. I am waiting for a photo of Orlando. Anyone got a title idea? I'm fresh out!

The End

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

breakfast conversation

It went like this:

CJ: I love Daddy. I love you too Mom. Do you love me?
Mom: Yes, I love you CJ, very much.
CJ: Do you love Daddy?
Mom: More than any other person in the world.
CJ: Oh, good!

This is one of those sweet little memories to cherish amid the potty training dismays and recent lack of a regular nap time. He sure is growing up quickly. His ability to speak so clearly at such a young age keeps me in awe. And I love how he puts his thoughts together. Although he still makes up words I can't translate.

Some of his other favorite things to say are:
"Oh, Mommy has pretty lips again!" (anytime I apply lipstick)
"Daddy at work?" (every morning)
"My Jeep. This is my Jeep and those are my keys." (every time he plays with his ride on escalade which he can now carry up and down the stairs without help)
"HK is my sister! I am her brother! I love my sister." (randomly throughout the day)