Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring tilling and tender mercies

Because we took an amazing vacation to Florence, Oregon and Crescent City,  California for spring break I really got behind on my garden. I kept thinking I would just ask my neighbor to till it while I was gone. Totally forgot. Ugh

So my son is getting baptized this week. We are celebrating his birthday party afterward. My huge lifetime brand table is currently covered with plants that I started indoors. I need that table for the party. 

So as I was driving home today after volunteering at the school I saw a tractor with a sign on it that said "garden tilling" and phone number. I called and he drove right over and tilled up my garden in 10 minutes. His prices are half of what I've heard from other tractor owners. I paid him a tip in addition for being so prompt.

Call it a coincidence if you want but I know it is a tender mercy from a loving Savior who knew I was busy in the service of others and doing the best I could. I was even able to get the organic fertilizer on the garden before he started tilling. (Save time and put it in a fertilizer spreader and run it backwards around the garden). This whole thing couldn't have worked out better.

Now to get some plants in the ground...