Friday, May 24, 2013

I've been scapbooking - is that a good enough excuse for why I haven't been posting?

So my husband went to Alaska.  It was paid for by someone other than us so he was able to go.  These four gentlemen went to the Situk river to fish for Steelhead trout and it looks like their timing was just about perfect.  

Although the 9 days they were gone were very very hectic for me and not to mention that MAY is the busiest time of year and I put your scrapbook at the top of my list - so gentlemen, I'm taking donations - I made you a very cool scrapbook - and I want to do something relaxing.  Cold hard cash is accepted.

So I used the Moab album for inspiration and customized it to these guys with their names and the date of their catch - thankfully each photo had the correct date in the metadata.  I also made all of my own templates for these pages and used clipping masks to get everything just right.

Album outside Back Cover

Album outside Front Cover

Although I must say that the flowers they sent to all of us wives back at home was a sweet sentiment and I LOVE tulips so this went a long way with making my week better.

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Rhonda Gales said...

Very nice scrapbook. I need to work on a few after I get the garden in. Is this digital?