Monday, January 28, 2013

Ski Utah

This is my west square foot garden.  I think this is the most it's been covered up in a few years.

And this is measuring the amount of snow we got Sunday.  That's my daughter's 12"ruler and it's not even in the deepest spot.  Looks like there is more on the way.  I say, "Bring it On!"

This past week one of the Fund companies spoiled us with a day out at Snow Basin.  We really had a great time.  There was some fog on part of the mountain part of the day but it got better as the day went along.  Porky's face was my favorite spot and we didn't get to ski it nearly as much as I would have liked.  It was wide, well groomed, steep and empty.  Flying down that face was exhilarating.  

J. Kenny took care of our lift tickets, lunch, snacks, etc.  We picked him up at his hotel and drove up to Snow Basin.  The lodge at Snow Basin was beautiful and the Needle's Lodge at the top of the Gondola is where we ate our lunch.  The view was beautiful and they even made me a special gluten free turkey sandwich.

The very next day we went skiing with our children at our local hill.  The snow was more like powdered sugar.  It looked like it and it was sort of sticky too.  Regardless of the snow conditions our littlest one finally figured a few things out and he had a fabulous time on the Blue runs (intermediate).  

My daughter and I agree we were long overdue for a snowstorm.  
Let it storm!

Love my old skis? Hah! 
 I catch an edge once in a while but these are shorter than the last pair I had.  
And my Mountain Hardware ski pants are quite old too but when you buy the good stuff, it lasts.  Right now we are working on getting a generator so we are saving our pennies.  When you have propane and a well pump and the amount of times the power goes out here, we need back-up power. 

I'm also working on updating our food storage.  Our 3 month supply of regular food is looking pretty good.  It's the long term stuff like rice, wheat (for my hubby and kids), and beans that I haven't got up to date. I'm headed to the dry pack cannery soon to work on 12 #10 cans of sugar.  I love those cans.  The mice can't eat through them. The good thing is that I can still keep up with my children on the slopes so I'm going to keep skiing on these old skis until we have the essentials out of the way.  

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