Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 down, one to go...

Coleton had a GeoTrax birthday this week and added two new Geo Air pieces to his set. (Thanks to Aunt Amber for the awesome cake!)

So did Grandma. Check out her new toy!

My brother stopped by and took this great photo with his camera phone. I don't know if you think it's great but Coleton is not a big snuggler - so this a monumental moment to capture it on camera!

And I got to spend a Saturday afternoon with April Anderton. We ate at the Rodigio Grill at Trolley Square. We did some dream shopping at PotteryBarn, PotteryBarn Kids, Restoration Hardware, Williams & Sonoma, etc. Drool! And we both walked away with a steal of a deal at Potterybarn.

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