Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just having FUN!!!

So we went snow tubing yesterday. AGAIN. Big surprise, I know ... but the kids have a blast each and every time and we enjoy their laughter. And then my MIL was telling me her memories of riding on the saucer behind her dad's truck on the back roads in her hometown. She said it was a wonder they were all still alive, but she is grateful she could be a part of these memories for her grandchildren.

And I found these two really old beat up trucks that haven't moved in years in a place no one will really be able to find except if I told you. And I photographed the lichen (sp?) and stuff on the rocks of the nearby broken down homestead. So I added the texture over the truck and then masked out some of it to let the truck show through a little more. Anyway, here are some options I came up with. Just having fun. I think I'll go back in the fall and take a few more photos in the sweet light and once I have the masterpiece I want then I'll put them up in CJs room.

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