Thursday, August 28, 2008

update and instructions

First of all, Tyler is home and doing well. He is more sore today, he ate mashed potatoes and gravy yesterday, and can't even look at them today without his throat hurting. I'm keeping him on top of his pain meds and things are progressing the way the doctor said they would.

And onto How to Photograph your garden harvest just like this:
First of all, pick your veggies. I placed them on a table on my porch, and area that was in the shade. Shade is a great place to photograph. I had light coming in from the side and from behind the veggies. Do you know that when lighting food, most places light from behind to add texture and depth?

Photograph in RAW mode - my favorite! I photographed using a 12- 24 mm (wide angle), lens at f4.0, white balance shade.

Setting things up, I walked around them and looked at them.
#1 I didn't like how the white table took the stage
#2 bad angle, clutter in the background
#3 better angle, but boring - needs more color, still a little clutter
#4 better angle, less table, dang bbq grill!
#5 hmmm, too low. oh, where are my chilies?
#6 that's better, almost there, I don't want the focus to be on the pumpkins
#7 up a little, over a little to get rid of the bbg grill. ah hah, focus on the carrots (a low f-stop like 4 can provide this kind of depth of field - the chilies out of focus and the beans out of focus) - We have a winner - use the vignette tool from camera raw photoshop settings, increase brightness - all done


Krysta said...

First of all - I'm so glad that Tyler is doing good. You both will soon be glad that this is all over and done.

Second of all - thank you so much for sharing. It's nice to know that even for you, it takes several pictures to get the right one! I haven't played around with raw image yet. You might have to e-mail me and tell me when a good time is to use raw. Is it really that much better? Also, the vignette you were talking about. I must have that in photoshop too. I use the burn your way easier? I like how yours looks better than when I do it. Sorry so many know me! :)

Marne said...

Glad youy hubby is home and the recovery is going!

Thanks for the photography tips. Hopefully soon (like for my bday or christmas) I will finally get a digital SLR so I can be a better photographer.

Colby and Amber Vanderbeek said...

aw, this makes me miss my garden this year!