Monday, March 03, 2014

What new plants are going in my garden this year?

Sage is the newest member of my garden. Last fall I called my husband's grandmother to get her recipe for Thanksgiving dressing (bread crumbs, sage, milk, celery, onion, salt). It was delicious and I knew I could make a gluten free, dairy free version. I loved the sage so much that I decided to try growing some this year.

Other herbs and spices I've grown in the past are Garlic, Oregano, Thyme,  Cilantro, and Basil. I always get excited about new stuff. And of course today I will be planting basil. The Thyme and Oregano are perennials and pop up each year without any effort.

I'm also adding a photo of the celery I have going. The seeds are amazingly small and so are the tiny little plants that first pop up.  Looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast for straight out of the garden this year.

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