Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Organized for School and Homework - Hanging Files

I made these in photoshop using some digital scrapbook paper and the font Buttermilk.  These are obviously for my daughter. 

Then in my Silhouette Studio Pro I used the Cut Tool to make the marks for the Silhouette to cut.  I only made one using the rectangular tool you can see here below. 

I used Replicate and Duplicate Left. This way it lines up perfectly and I don't have to try and create 7 more boxes the same size.

The most important thing to do when using the Print & Cut Feature is to click Show Registration Marks.  This allows you to line things up in the right spots and you'll need it to be able to cut it with the Cameo.

And you don't need a cutting mat if you use the Silhouette brand sticker paper.

Here it is printed and you can see the registration marks printed.

Peel them off

I stuck them to the paper included in the tabs so that we could easily remover them later. 

Place the paper & Sticker inside the plastic tabs.

Place the tabs at the tops of the hanging files. My daughter was so excited that she wanted to add the tabs.

And take a moment to enjoy it.

Now she can easily keep track of all those papers she gets to bring home.  

She gets to bring it out every time she comes home from school. It worked well last year with 3 teachers but with all the new classes and the 6 teachers she has this year, it needed to be totally redone.  

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Gosh your amazing! I will be calling you in 2 yes. For tabs haha :)