Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bedroom redo - new paint is just the beginning

My son moved into a much bigger bedroom.  This room is rather tiny.  So I decided to patch all the holes and repaint.  First I thought I would paint over the navy blue.  Oh boy.  

The painting it self wasn't difficult.  I had to cut in twice and add two coats to cover the navy blue.  That wasn't so bad. 

But finding out that the paint on the lower half of the room didn't look good with the top half was a little disheartening.  

No project ever goes smoothly.  And I'm also thinking of having someone install the cabin grade hickory flooring that's been sitting around for 6 years into this room.  The birds are going in here and wood flooring would handle their messes so much better than carpet! Know of anyone who could do that for me?

I did get to listen to Elder Bednar's talk, "That we might not shrink."  On the right side of the page is the option to list to it or even watch it.  I loved listening to it. What a wonderful talk. If you know of any faithful Christian with cancer or caring for someone with cancer, they will love this talk.  Please share it with them.

As you can see we have 9 foot ceilings on our main floor.  Good thing I have a tall and very steady ladder.

I'll post photos of the finished project soon!

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Unknown said...

Alex Brown is my neighbor and installs wood flooring for a living. He's wonderful!! 760-8349 :)