Sunday, August 05, 2012

Harvest Monday - garden update

The heads of the big daddy onions that went to seed are just about ready for harvest.  I'm going to try planting the onion seeds this fall and see how that goes.  If not, I have plenty of onion seeds to spare.  

These are not the same onions - these I started in January indoors, but they are still big daddy onions. 
  Onions in the square foot garden
 Looks like something from a Dr Suess picture.
  cabbage in the shade garden.  The rest of the plants didn't grow up around it - some kind of spiny orange weed with no leaves killed them.

My first cherokee purple ever.  This week I will cut the water in half to promote red tomatoes.

I don't think I'll actually harvest anything from here this year.  Cantelope and lemon cucumber.

Cabbage from the square foot garden.

Peaches.  Last year we got 3 peaches. This year I've already thinned it some so I don't get broken branches.  

Early girl tomatoes

The birds have been pecking them - as always.

Needed some more support for the tomatoes.  This photo is pretty impressive because it's the first time he's stepped in the garden since oh, I can't remember.
 The sky was gorgeous!

The mountains are so dry!

The garlic is out and almost cured.

The basil is amazing this year.  I've harvested so much. Now I just need my tomatoes to hurry up so I can enjoy some caprese.

The grasshoppers are having a great time eating my green bean plants.  They are bad this year because it has been so dry.  They have no food in the alfalfa field.  They usually cut 2-3 crops. This year they got 1 small one.

Another type of heirloom.  I think this one is a pink brandywine. 

 My jalapenos are starting to grow.  

My carrots are almost done - these are the last few in the ground.

This is a photo of the oregano my mom gave me last summer.  I'm just letting it grow and fill in where it is at this year.

I love the bunches here.  

Grapes  - after 3 years I have 3 whole grapes.  We'll be putting in the trellis system this year.  We are going with the cordon system and we just need to pick up the materials soon.  It should be easy - two 4x4 cedar posts, #9 wire, and the wire vice, plus drilling some holes in the posts.  I think the hard part will be digging the holes 2 feet deep for the posts. 

The serrano peppers with the blue sky 

An actual serrano pepper

My spirit bush pumpkins are growing.  I need to fertilize again soon.

Crook neck squash - I've harvested most of them early so they are tender but I've left two on their to get large so that I can save the seeds for Kiwi.  He loves squash seeds. 

Summertime lettuce - as new batch.  Pretty and tasty and a ball head that can take the heat.

My green bell peppers are finally growing something. 

My Utah celery is pretty tasty.  We used it in the gluten free soy free chicken salad with grapes that I made last week.  Oh so yummy on some Udi's bread. 

My peas have finished and I cut them down after this. 

green beans with a row of wax beans in the center.

My first crop of wax beans  - 15 feet of them but I've only picked a few to saute.

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Rhonda Gales said...

Your photos are beautiful. Looks like you had a productive season. I planted Wax Beans too, but I won't next year. Let me know what you think about the Cherokee Purples. My starts didn't do well. I planted Paul Robeson instead, and love them.