Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Color

My alliums are just starting to bloom on the west side of the house.  I can't wait to see them in full bloom.  The colors are just gorgeous and if I leave them to dry it will seed and there will be plenty more alliums in the future.  You can get the bulbs and plant them in the spring.

And last fall I planted daffodils for the first time.  I am glad I did.  The deer don't like alliums or daffodils so they are a safe choice in my yard.

I think I will plant more this fall, maybe some that come up earlier.


Mary Hysong said...

Your flowers are really pretty. My daffies are long gone, even the foliage is beginning to wilt in the heat.

Rhonda Gales said...

The daffodils are beautiful. I'm going to plant some in a wooded area in my back yard this fall. I need to clear it out in the next few weeks. What kind did you plant, I love the white. I'm picturing small vases throughout my house next spring!