Thursday, November 04, 2010

PTA Reflections Grand Champion and Halloween Party!

My daughter wanted to write a poem for PTA Reflections this year.
The theme is Together We Can... 
She decided on dance.  Asked her dance teacher the names of a few steps.
Then wrote down how dance looked, etc.
She says she wants to write more poems like this but about different ideas.

This one is going to the district. Her other two won school awards.
She is pretty excited. They displayed the entries after the Halloween Parade.
She also went to a fun Halloween party with the girls in her school class.
So happy to see her making more friends.

Isn't this cute! Some room mom is AMAZING this year. 
I just couldn't make myself do that and PTA again.
That is a responsibility in addition to helping in the classroom.
I did the Easter party one year and it about killed me.
Working on more energy -trying a vitamin D supplement and gummy vitamins that are wheat and soy free! Plus I stopped taking my allergy medicine.  I was still itching and tired beyond belief.
Plus I was gaining weight even while exercising like crazy and eating more apples and grapes than anyone should. The past few days it's been easier to get up without feeling drowsy until 10 a.m.

Oh and my daughter was Astrid for Halloween (How to Train Your Dragon).

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Wow! She is just too awesome.