Saturday, July 31, 2010

S ... is for sewing

And there has been a lot of it this year.  Hand sewing and machine sewing.  Now truth be told, I made a skirt during high school with help from my mom and a tree skirt during my senior year.  I sewed simple curtains for the kids rooms in our last house and made window seat cushions (I used safety pins instead of a zipper because I couldn't figure out what a zipper foot was). Recently I made my daughter's baptism dress.  This time we picked a simple pattern.  Simplicity Sewing for Dummies. This time we moved one of our big white lifetime tables in front of the TV.  We don't have cable or dish or antenna but we do watch movies.  We watched a few baby einstein videos, and then Incredibles, oh and Cinderella 3 while we worked.  We moved the ironing board downstairs too. My son had a blast playing with his slide with us nearby.

I cut out the pattern and ironed - that was it - oh and I made my own larger apron while she made her child size apron.  She did an excellent job and only had to pick out one spot.  
The rest was up to her.  She placed the pattern on the fabric and pinned it into place.  Then she cut it out and marked it. She pinned the pockets on. We added ribbon at the top of each pocket for fun.
She reinforced the tops of the pockets.
I was so nervous about her sewing. But she was really careful and did wonderfully.
I had her top stitch the ties so that they'll stay nicer looking after this thing gets washed.
I love her tiny little fingers in these photos.
Here she is learning to keep the fabric straight.  
We used D rings for easy adjustments.
Cute pockets for tiny hands!
Where the ties attach
The perfect bow and ties that ended up upright after all (on HER apron).

And here you can see the finished product. She was so pleased with it.  Daddy couldn't believe that I let her use my sewing machine and that she completed the entire project herself.  I could hardly believe that it went so smoothly.  My apron wasn't completed so easily.
I added ribbon at the top to cover up all the picking I had to do.  I got the completed apron on and guess what?! It was too wide at the top! I even chose the child size 18-20. It was a great length and the pockets were in the right place.  So I had to pick out all the ties and d-rings and cut the arm holes and re-sew almost everything.
And guess what, I sewed the lower ties on upside down!  I'm leaving them as a reminder to check the pattern on myself first before I stitch anything.  And so - here we are together with our cute aprons.
Her apron is hanging in the closet until the fair and then she can wear it. I wore mine last night while making wheat free crepes from Irresistibly Gluten Free. And I am grateful for a daughter who enjoys time with her mom.  I feel like we have really reconnected this summer - for the first time since I finished chemo.  I feel so much better and she has become such a big helped which gives us a little more time to work on projects like this one.

I've also decided when I finish my next class, I'm going to take a beginning quilting class.  I love cute fabric and I love creating simple things just for the beauty of it. So now I better finish editing my class.

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Amber Price said...

Beautiful fabric! Love the aprons!