Monday, July 19, 2010

Flowers in my garden

So right now it's one of those gardens that looks best photographed on an individual plant level.  Or in other words - it's kinda sparse.  And there are lots of weeds.  You see, every year I begin with good intensions. Those intensions are to not get sick.  Between severe allergies and some virus attacking my throat I am again behind.  Although the mulch in the front garden beds is helping tremendously, they are still sparse but they look good because of the mulch and lack of weeds.  Just close your eyes as you walk past the other garden beds on your way back to the vegetable garden.

I received this plant at church for Mother's Day.

I actually purchased this pin cushion flower.

This is the yellow columbine from my neighbor.

These are the day lily transplants from my mother in law.

Mom- these are the shasta daisy transplants you gave us.  Thanks so much!

Here they are getting watered just after dusk.  Click on it to see it larger - I love the drops of water hanging on the leaves.

Depth of field is essential when photographing your garden.  I like to photograph it just as the sun dips behind the horizon (or the mountain in my case) - the light is soft and directional. 


Love2Short said...

Nice flower photos! Who taught you to take such great pics?

Mindy Blake said...

Wow, your flowers look incredible! I can't wait to get some next year-the yard is almost in!