Sunday, May 16, 2010

My sweet husband

On Thursday I finished planting my cherry red onions, big daddy yellow onions (stores well over the winter), and my walla walla onions (perfect for salsa), and green bunching onions.  I put about half of them in the ground back in April. I get tired easily so I have to pace myself. I counted my garlic plants - 60 + - I planted them in October and now I need to figure out when I can harvest them - I think it's August. I plant the garlic and the onions along the outside edge of my garden - they help ward off pests that way. I planted a row of carrots and another half row of spinach. My son was a huge help and so sweet to see him want to be so helpful. My peas are looking good and so is the half row of spinach I planted back in April.   Of course I have no idea when the potatoes will sprout - I planted them about 12 inches apart this year.  Sometimes gardening is about experimenting. 

Live and Learn.

And then my hard working man cleared the weeds out of my front flower bed in front of our driveway and my back flower bed along the rocks.  Incredible. And he even had little helpers for a tiny bit. He's been an amazing help in the yard this spring.  We tried the mulch out front but I think we are going to have to go with river rock for the rest - I mean those 50 mph winds did some thinning out of the mulch in our flower beds already.  

We cleared out the lemon thyme along the stairs and then I recently planted Red Dragon's Blood along the edges of those outdoor stone stairs.  It's a beautiful succulent with leaves that look like roses in bloom and when it does bloom,  the flowers are a gorgeous hot pink like a dragon who spit fire. And did I mention that they bloom all summer long and into the fall.  Pretty cool.  I'll try to remember to take photos.  And they climb along the rocks and stay pretty dense.  When they fill in, you will not have to worry about weeds.  And they transplant quite easily, especially in the spring and fall.  

My peppers and tomatoes are right on schedule for a mid June planting.  I even bought a few walls of water for those that I can already plant. And I have been hardening off my lettuce to transplant - next time I am going to throw those lettuce seeds right in the ground.  What a pain!

That's all for now - I better get back to editing my videos for my online Photo First Aid class due Monday!

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Love2Short said...

You're husband's such a stud!!!