Friday, April 09, 2010

I just didn't know...

I mean, how could I?  There are so many great things in our kitchens that we just throw away.  I learned to save my egg shells from this cute and very educational blog.  I think I'm going to have to switch my color to violet.  We are having a late spring - the bird on the mountain hasn't shown up and it's mid-April. My first year out here in the boonies meant the ground wasn't ready for a garden even though alfalfa did very well out here.  So most of my tomatoes had blossom end rot.  It's pretty gross looking.  Last year all of my tomatoes did well with just 2 tablespoons of egg shells in the ground around each transplant.  The one I forgot ended up with blossom end rot.  I've been saving these since last fall.  Who knew we used so many eggs.  My mother in law is saving egg shells for me too.  You can also use them on pepper plants too.  Hopefully this will help things.  I'm telling ya now - don't wait until you have to garden to start gardening - you will starve. Three years has made such a huge difference for me!

I also learned about Bone Meal yesterday.  My potatoes were kind of small last year and so the experts at Anderson's Seed and Garden told me to put a tablespoon of bone meal in the ground with each seed potato.  I also purchased a peach tree, an apple tree, and two red seedless grape vines yesterday.  I also planted bell pepper and jalapeno seeds in peat pots last night before Relief Society. We got so much done during our humanitarian night. There is so much to do in my flower gardens! I better get off the computer and go prune those trees just as I was instructed at Anderson's.  Oh, and does any one know of a site or know anything about building something to hold those grape vines up on? 

And one last do you store carrots? Is there any easy way? please share!

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Stephen, Sonya, Rhea, Koby said...

When we lived in Logan there was a retired coupled across the street who had a great garden. In the winter, they covered the carrots and a few other veggies with a deep layer of leaves. Even in the middle of the winter, when there was so much snow on the ground, they would come over to our house and share these huge, delicious carrots with us that they would dig up that very morning! I'd never seen anything like it, but it was great.
My great aunt and uncle in Roy, UT have a wonderful vineyard in their back yard. I'll have to see if I can find an example of what their grapes are growing on- if you haven't found something yet. They make the best grape juice each year from all the grapes they grow- yummy!