Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I've been up to...

Tyler and I photographed a beautiful wedding in North Salt Lake City 10 days ago.  Then we went to Jackson Hole to photograph an ice skating competition.  I've been super busy working on my classes.  But yesterday I needed some sun!  So my little boy and I went outside and kicked his soccer ball around for a while.  Then we go busy digging and pruning.  Last fall I ended up with pneumonia and then had a case of anaphylactic shock in August which put me in  bed for 3 weeks.  So I got very behind with my flower beds.  It was all I could do to harvest my vegetables from my 15x40 foot garden.  Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done and I LOVE working in gardens.  

I wish I would have taken a before photo.  This area was in terrible condition. No pruning last fall - ugh.  Tyler and I have been talking about building a trellis that goes all the way across the back of the garage instead of those 3 different wimpy trellises we have now. And I am buying mulch this year.  I can't go another year without mulch.

This is just a fun angle.  Know anyone who wants a 2 seater snowmobile?  And I plan on replacing the black tubing with something else now that the grass has grown in.

Most of my yard is still covered with snow - including my veggie garden area. 

If you've ever started your own plants, you'll like this.  I hate having to take the dome off after only two weeks. This new tall dome is perfect.  Tyler hates the smell of potting soil so this keeps it covered longer. And the garden store carries these 3 inch peat pots this year which made me very happy.  I can fit 18 pots in this set up. And the peat pots are nice because I water the tray and they soak up the water so the delicate seedlings are safe.  

You can see more snow this way - I took this photo this morning.

Kohlrabi -  3 and cabbage - 8 and just planted 9 pots with Black eyed Susans.

Another great feature - 4 top vents in a dial -  just turn them until you open it the amount you want it to be.

I bought two set ups like this so that I can start the tomatoes and peppers and zinnias the beginning of May.

I'll post my gardening tips soon.  I've had a lot of questions so I will just post it here.


Colby and Amber Vanderbeek said...

I am SOOOOO going to miss having a garden this year!!! I'm already hating not having any where to do it down here! And I have all that wonderful land up there :(

thejohnmfamily said...

You are so motivated to get everything started earlier. It's the best way when you live in Cache Valley!