Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentine assembly during FHE

This past weekend I designed my son's Valentine.  He is in preschool and I'm sure there are plenty of mom's who have come up with amazing ideas (for Christmas one mom knitted hats for all 14 kids). But my son loves to have me draw frogs for him and so this was an easy choice, although I did add kissy lips for this version of the frog. I've had great fun using my new Adobe Illustrator skills.  

Anyway, my daughter needed to add the names of all the students in her class and sign her name.  So that's just what we did during Family Home Evening last night after the lesson. My daughter liked it so much that she asked for a girl-y version of the frog, or rather Toad, valentine. She's on a pink Lily Pad. And last of all we glued the crunch chocolate hearts to each Valentine - I got out my grandma's old hot glue gun. 
[no fingers were injured in the creation of these valentines]
To start out FHE we used this month's Friend magazine and the kids assembled a puzzle.  My daughter surprised me when I asked her, "What was Heavenly Father's greatest gift to us?".  She quoted the scripture in John 3:16 almost word for word. That was before we put the puzzle together and it just happened that was also the scripture on the bottom right corner of the puzzle.

And my son picked up the camera this morning while I was working on getting some inspiration for a project for about 10 minutes.  The sheets for all 3 beds are in the dryer at this very moment waiting for me.  To be honest, I didn't really find anything in print that wasn't already floating around in my head.  Now I just need to get it all down on paper.  I did get one class outline drawn up. Now I just have to get the other 3, possibly 4 done. And I'm going swimming tonight, which is why my hair is in a clip. 35 to 40 laps...

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Unknown said...

Laura, you dont know me but we have met once at Fredricos. My name is Jalane and I grew up across the street from Tyler. Kaleena and I were best friends growing up. Anyway I really LOVE reading your blog! I think you are amazing! Thanks for sharing :)