Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Folk

We went back to the Heritage Center this past weekend. This time we took my husband's parents and also some new friends from church. She brought her daughter who is just a little younger than my son and her niece who is my daughter's age.

First, we had to ride the train!

And the giant slide was a blast. The burlap sacks help with speed. I couldn't believe he went by himself.

There isn't anything more fun than launching dead pumpkins down the hill. Guess what we'll be doing with all those pumpkins we grew this year? Some will go after Halloween. The rest after Thanksgiving. The pump-ke-mons are the perfect size for this. There was no shortage of pumpkins in our garden. Like I said, we're simple...and we believe in recycling.

It's a good thing my daughter didn't kick her friend in her excitement to show how high she could jump.

My son started jumping timidly at first but soon joined the big kids.

I just love this shot. My favorite. Pony rides. The highlight of their day!

We found Lizzy hiding away in a barn near the area where we made corn husk dolls. My daughter was thrilled! And this week is pumpkin week. Can you see all of the pumpkins hiding out behind her?
Here is Grandma and my daughter busy making corn husk dolls. I was enjoying it so much that I almost forgot to take a photo. My daughter and I are proudly displaying ours next to our pumpkins on our hearth.
It was a blast and we got to know our friends a little better. We talked my husband's parents into buying a membership - ok, so that was easy. My father in law wanted to stay longer but we needed to leave for a photo shoot and the littlest ones were exhausted.

We'll go back for sure.


Kellogg said...

I love the picture of them jumping in the how she is there 3 times.

Tiffany's Treats and Eats said...

What a fun day! Beautiful family. Hugs!!