Friday, August 07, 2009

Cache County Fair

Today we met Tyler at his office and ate sandwiches, apples, and cheese. Then we loaded up the Jeep and drove over to the Cache County Fair. Haeley had entered 2 photos (children can enter 2 - adults can enter 3) and Tyler and I both entered 3. I really wanted Haeley to win 2nd place or higher and so I was so nervous walking to the Art Exhibit. Let's just say that the judges are usually art judges and not photographers. Haeley about jumped out of her skin when she saw that the photo I took of her received Best of Show. I started talking about her sunflower one and this cute little old lady standing there got the biggest grin on her face and told her where to find it and that she was going to love her ribbon. So we ran back there and WOW! Best of SHOW!!! Haeley got Best of Show on her photo too! Tyler got 3rd place on all 3 of his photos - which really is my fault. He couldn't decide which pics, so I ordered them all in 5x7 and stuck them behind glass. As discovered today to win the PRO division you have to go with a matte spray and no glass and larger- which is also why one of mine did not place at all. It just looks more professional without the glare from the glass and typically larger sizes place higher. The only problem is that they want standard sizes no larger than 16x20. So guess what? We want to sell large prints so we order large examples. And truth be told a 16x20 is small. I did the photo of Haeley as 16x20 because it would fit a frame in her room and it's a close up of just Haeley. We did Haeley's sunflower as an 11x14. It was super fun to see her so excited! After that we went to see Erin at the Sheriff's booth and she gave them both stickers and pencils. Then we went to see Angie's daughter's lamb and 4-H blanket entry -congrats to Arissa! Her blanket is going to state and her lamb did extremely well. Congrats to Grandma Sharla on her 1st place win with her delicious butter horns! I rode on the Ferris Wheel with Haeley and Coleton. I've never been on a ferris wheel before. It was kind of cool (now I'm regretting not riding it Chicago) and my little ones loved it! Got some fun pictures. And last of all we took a drive up to Willard Peak tonight after dinner. Love having a vehicle that will get us up those rough roads. We handed Haeley the camera a few times too. We really need to do that more often. I'll post those later!


Chris and Leslie said...

Yeah! Congratulations, they look awesome!

Ange said...

We made the blog.. lol! :) Loved both of your photos! :)