Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Harvest

We are a little behind up here in Cache Valley. It's been rather wet and cold and we are just beginning to hit temps in the 80's. I know, weird! I picked spinach leaves and cleaned them today. I am in charge of dinner tomorrow, so I thought a nice salad would be great! Nothing else is really ready yet, but I am so excited at how well things are progressing. I learned from our cold spring last year and bought black plastic to put around the tomatoes - they are already blooming and we have dozens of little tomatoes on our 14 plants. I started my onions much earlier this year - they might actually be ready this fall and I put them on the outside edges to help keep bugs out and so I can easily harvest all the rest of the items that don't take as long to grow. After I pull up a few things this fall I am going to try and add one 4x4 square foot garden and see how it works for things like fall peas, cabbage, etc. You can grow the same amount of veggies in 20% of the space using that method - it's just that I don't want to have to re-do my drip irrigation so I'll have to come up with something clever. We'll see.

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Marne said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your spinach looks divine. Since I do a SFG, I plant 9 spinach plants per square. I harvest them as baby spinach leaves as they grow, until the plant goes to seed. Yours looks great! Thanks for the freebies too!