Monday, May 25, 2009

President Graff

I found out today that President Graff passed away on Saturday. He was the president of the Washington DC North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was a wonderful man and a great leader. He was the father of 9. He also took great care of hundreds of missionaries for the 3 years he volunteered as mission president. He was my mission president for 'a little under a year' (you sisters remember that saying, right?). Actually about 10 months. When I saw him October 2008 at the 10 year reunion of the mission, he asked all about how I was doing and that he was glad to hear I was doing well. He made sure that I told Sister Graff about my cancer because they wanted to make sure to remember who to pray for. I felt right at home around Pres. Graff, meaning that although he was strict and didn't smile a whole lot (like my dad), he was genuine and full of love and care for each of the missionaries. He expected us to work hard, be strictly obedient to the mission rules, and be on time - no - be early to everything possible. He was serving as a sealer in the Seattle Temple and enjoying being a grandfather at the time of his passing. Sister Graff shared with me about his terrible car accident not too many months before the reunion. They almost lost him then. While I am sad for their separation, I know he was one of Heavenly Father's noble and great ones and he is already doing all he can to serve the Lord on the other side. He surely qualified through righteous living and faith in Christ for all the blessings of the atonement our Savior provided for us. Sister Graff is strong and I am sure her many children and Grandchildren are by her side at this moment. I pray that his family will find comfort at this time. Interesting little fact. President Graff's son married President Farne's daughter. President Farnes was the very next Washington D. C. North mission president and I served under him for the next 8 months of my mission.

Misty and Laura with Sister Graff

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