Wednesday, April 01, 2009

breakfast conversation

It went like this:

CJ: I love Daddy. I love you too Mom. Do you love me?
Mom: Yes, I love you CJ, very much.
CJ: Do you love Daddy?
Mom: More than any other person in the world.
CJ: Oh, good!

This is one of those sweet little memories to cherish amid the potty training dismays and recent lack of a regular nap time. He sure is growing up quickly. His ability to speak so clearly at such a young age keeps me in awe. And I love how he puts his thoughts together. Although he still makes up words I can't translate.

Some of his other favorite things to say are:
"Oh, Mommy has pretty lips again!" (anytime I apply lipstick)
"Daddy at work?" (every morning)
"My Jeep. This is my Jeep and those are my keys." (every time he plays with his ride on escalade which he can now carry up and down the stairs without help)
"HK is my sister! I am her brother! I love my sister." (randomly throughout the day)

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Lindee said...

that's sweet! man, i can't believe how old he's getting!