Tuesday, July 15, 2008

upcoming county fair - I need your input!

First, I have to admit something...yesterday was one of those days. Cj didn't want to be in the water for swim lessons, Hks teacher wasn't teacher her anything new, and I was feeling exhausted. We came home, showered, ate microwaved chicken nuggets, and I sat down on the couch, then I had to get up to put a very fussy Cj down for a nap, and then I took a nap myself while Hk listened to her hand-me-down ipod. I made dinner (spaghetti) and Tyler got home and I crashed on the couch. I spent just a few minutes retouching a few photos and uploaded them for printing. Then it was off to never never land for me. Oh and there was that one moment when I had to answer the door and I looked far from my best (at least I had washed my hair and brushed my teeth but that was the extent of getting ready for the day for me). My FIL said, "not feeling good today?" to which I replied, "I still have a few of those days now and then." At least it's been a while.

Today Cj enjoyed swim lessons and actually laughed a few times. Hk swam all the way across the pool doing the crawl, breathing on the side and everything, without flippers. She was so excited. She is 6, I wish I could have been that good at 6. It took my breath away to watch and this amazing feeling filled my heart as I watched her conquer the water with determination and without complaint. Oh and I made death by chocolate (wheat free) and that makes my day better all by itself.

Oh, we got a new niece on Sunday - 8 lbs 15 oz and 1 day early. My kids now have 12 cousins on one side of the family. I had a total of 3 growing up so this is pretty cool stuff.

The County Fair is coming up in August and I am going to enter a few print, my husband, and my daughter are going to as well. There are 5 catagories and each person can only enter one in each catagory:

Animals:wild or domestic
Still Life/Architecture
Black & White

I have to decide right away but I can't decide and need some input. I've only printed 2 of these so far.

If I enter this one in portrait (I've already printed this one)

then I can enter this one in black and white (not printed) - I'm thinking 16x20 to put in our studio because I just love this photo!

or if I enter this one under portraits I could enter the HkCJ one under black and white - but I don't know about the black glove...I think the parent's hands with baby feet are better...

I am going to enter this one into Scenic (already printed)

and what about this one for Still Life although it is wedding but not a portrait with a person in it?

or architecture instead of the still life. Hmmm, I think the shoes may be calling my name or am I crazy???

I know this is probably not the type of Architecture they are thinking about, but maybe, but I still like the shoes (I am biased as I love weddings)...SEE I really need your help!

I don't really have anything in the way of Animals...hmmm, I need to go on a sunset photo safari...


and now I better go fold the laundry and wipe down the kitchen!


Marne said...

Oh, I am with you. I LOVE the parents hands holding the baby feet. So precious. I also love the scenic one with flowers and rocks. Gorgeous! I think I also like the shoes and flowers. Great photos! I hope you win something. :)

Misty said...

i absolutely love the hands and feet picture - and the one of the bouquet with the shoes. you are so talented!

The Jones Family said...

oooo...I see why you need some input...those are beautiful pictures. I LOVE them all!!! Good Luck!! Keep us posted on how it turns out! Just try to quess what the Judges might be looking for - do you know anything about them...anyway, good luck!