Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday (or for the last few weeks for that matter) and the medicine they put me on is pretty yucky but I am just starting to feel better. Tyler has strep throat again! He just went in on the 4th for it. And it's the 3rd time in about 2 months. He meets with a specialist tomorrow and they are probably going to yank those tonsils out. Anyway, CJ took a nap and Hk played at her cousin's house in the afternoon. I tried to take a nap but the phone rang several times just as I was drifting away and so that was the end of that. But I stayed in bed and picked up a book by Becky Higgins on Family History Scrapbooking. So I got the bug. I've been working on scanning tons of old photos I found recently - after organizing them in white notebooks with page protectors (thanks Becky). I've been doing family history scrapbook pages as a Christmas gift for my family and I am behind - as in I haven't made a single page this year. This photo is one of only a few I have with my Grandpa on my Dad's side. I was curious about it because I remember that Viking hat. My dad didn't remember anything about the hat, but he did remember so many other wonderful things like the veggies at the fair in Fairbanks - they measure the zucchini in TONS! Can you believe that? Anyway, my Dad told me so many wonderful things that I moved the pattern paper on the right under the cream paper and put the rest of his journaling on there. I'm keeping my family history pages very simple and although I had made this page yesterday I quickly browsed the gallery at the Simple Scrapbooks Magazine Site and then I added the 4 little flowers. This is all digital of course and all the paper is from the LaCreimerie Citro Kit by Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals. I've been dying to use the kit and it is perfect with the barn, my red dress, and my mom's red hair.

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Marne said...

Lovely page! I have been wondering about that book by Becky...is it good? I should go leaf through it at the bookstore and check it out. I just got a TON of photos from my mom's growing up years. Neat neat memories and photos in there! Great idea.

Hope you get feeling better!