Wednesday, June 18, 2008

people, people, people

can we all just be a little less judgmental? Today Coleton was laying on the floor of the bleachers and kept fussing and crying. I did what I could to help him calm down, but I still struggle with my energy level and my blood sugar is whacky since the chemo days and today it was low. Besides that, I've given all of my energy the past 2 weeks to the sprinkler system installation and I am exhausted. This mom kept giving me 'the look' and I was ready to pop off and tell her that she can judge me after she has gone through what I have gone through, but I didn't have the energy. Sheesh, swim lessons are only half an hour and he wasn't hurting himself or anyone else. He was just laying there fussing and I tried to hold him and tried to get him interested in his toys and I tried to feed him a snack. Can you all do me a favor today? When someone is doing something obnoxious, will you just please look away, say a little prayer in your heart for them, and send good vibes their way INSTEAD of giving them 'the look' and passing judgment. Whether this is for a complete stranger or a family member, you just never know what is going on for sure and maybe all they need is a kind thought, a bit of concern, and a lot less judgment.

By the way, we installed wire last night so we are almost done with the sprinkler system!!!


Heather said...

I've been there before. I've had people, under their breath but loud enough for me to hear, say very rude things about my mothering when they had no idea about my circumstance or my child's circumstance. It helped me realize that I need to not be do judgmental of others. I'm sorry the other lady wasn't nice to you.

The Jones Family said...

Hear Hear!! Unfortunatley it happens often. I am SO sorry that happened today. That is terrible. That's all you need after you've been working so hard to "do it all"!
I find that if I just smile when they are looking my way and make a comment like, "wow, he is crazy today." They usually will smile back or say something which can open up all sorts of doors. Sometimes...okay many times, you are right, people are very judgmental...mostly because they lack understanding or experience (or both). Help them learn by showing them compasion. We all know, the closer we are to the Savior, the less judgmental we become. Next time flash her your beautiful (and very tired) smile and see if for 5 bucks she'll take him for a few minutes! :) (I wouldn't really let her take him, but you get my point) :) Love ya!

Krysta said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! I feel like this almost every time I have to lug my three kids with me to the grocery store (during the summer anyway). I can't stand the grocery store in the first place and then add the kids...there is always someone giving me 'the look' because my kids are being rowdy or grumpy or I'm not doing my best at disciplining or whatever, but we are just surviving and trying our HARDEST to get out of there!! People are definately too judgemental, especially in the mom department and the sad thing is, it's usually by other mom's. That doesn't make any since!! We should be much more understanding and compassionate about other moms bad days! Don't we all have them?

Misty said...

this makes me think of the day we lost kenna at walmart. sean and i were both there and she got lost when he sent her out of mcd's to me and i had moved. before that i always looked down on moms who lost their kids, but now i know you just can't judge anyone, you don't know what has happened prior to whatever scene you're viewing!

Sam Anderson said...

Well said. Some times poeples just forget to be nice. With it being Utah and all I would think everyone would be so nice and helpfull. It makes me sad.

Congrats on the flowers, sprinklers and garden!! I look forward to the days when I want and can do those things. hehe