Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our SECOND yard!

Let me see, this is the second house we have had built and that means our second yard to put in. We had a landscaper draw up plans for us - addressing problems like drifting snow in the winter, bad drainage near our back rocks, and stuff like that. The guy called today and he is going to grade our dirt on Monday! Yes! He did our last yard and he did a fabulous job. Then we are going to have a trencher come out and them it's sprinkler time. There is a place here that makes your plans for free and then you just buy the parts. We figure it will save us thousands by putting the pipes together ourselves. We have many people who have volunteered to help us. We will do hydro-seed instead of sod this time. I just can hardly wait for the dirt to get covered up! I am always vacuuming the hardwood which is in every major walkway in our main level. Needless to say, all we had last year was 6 perennials that I bought and my MIL gave me some starts from her garden - she has flowering plants that crawl over the boulders and we have BOULDERS! The ones I started in June last year did fabulous - the ones from the fall well, only one survived the winter. So this year, she gave me 6 more of what I call creepy crawlies and she gave me two day lilies. The lilies were rather large and 5 years old, so I got 11 plants total out of the two. Now if I can keep them all alive! We have tulips that we planted last year in one little spot as a Family Home Evening lesson - you grow what you sow sort of thing. Other than the free ones from my MIL, nothing else will get planted this year because this whole grading and sprinkler and hydro seed thing is just about impossible to pull off. I am just so excited to get the dirt under control! My sister is in the same process - actually worse - they have to dig up their bad yard and start over.

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Krysta said...

Good luck on the yard's always so nice to just be DONE!! That's not even the fun stuff your working on. I think it's fun when you can start planting!