Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is what our backyard originally looked like. Once we got the 200 truck loads of clay removed from the west side, they moved the topsoil from this backyard pile so that it was all over the yard. We stared at this all winter from our kitchen.

We put in a driveway last year and my MIL gave me some starts from her yard. I bought a few from a garden center because I didn't want to stare at plain old rocks and dirt from my dining table for years. We have one last pile of topsoil. I think we'll try and sell it to get a little more to put toward our yard. We have one little spot out front in a planter bed that I want to add rocks and some of that topsoil to, but that will not take very much soil.

Here you can see things once they moved the topsoil. It was a great thing we had all of that topsoil! You can also see all of the clay on the end - a 10 foot cliff of clay. We've stared at that for over a year not quite knowing what to do about it.

This was taken yesterday morning as the bulldozer got to work.

I love professionals! I showed them the landscape plan we had drawn up and made one suggestion and they created magic in my backyard!

Even this side looks so much better. I felt like I saw the flowers instead of the ugly dirt piles behind the rocks. These guys did in one day what would have taken us 30 years with a shovel!

We are getting it trenched next week. My flox have bloomed and my creepy crawlies are getting ready too. 5 of 6 lilies look like they'll make it and all of my front creepy crawlies except I'll have to move one. I can hardly wait to plant my veggies - that means we have to get sprinkler in by June 2nd or so. AHHHHHH!


The Jones Family said...

You're going to LOVE IT when the hard work is over!!

Marne said...

Oh how beautiful! It will look fabulous. Post pics when it is done. I love all that rock.