Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my totes

I got a diaper bag and a petite bucket tote of my own - you can see two of the totes I ordered for clients on my photography blog. Once I don't need the diaper bag anymore, I may convert it into a photography bag, but that is only just a thought right now. I have 3 more that I need to photograph with family and clients. There is just something about seeing these in real life that just makes them sell themselves. On both of my totes, I chose to have photos put on both sides. It was funny to see the groom last night trying to figure out how they printed the photo on the bag. Well, it's printed on the microfiber fabric and then sewn together. These really are custom and I LOVE it! It was fun to add my own elements to it - things I created in adobe illustrator. One of these days I want to print a full on scrapbook page - Haeley wants her own bag but I wanted to make it a dance bag and so we need to photograph her in her dance costume but she will not have it for a few more weeks. Too fun!


Krysta said...

I LOVE them! Good job...they look amazing!

Conni said...

These bags look great!!! What a great idea!

The Jones Family said...

Those are so awesome Laura!! I wish we lived closer to you. I would love for you to photograph my family. The bags are too cute! And what a great way to market your business. I'm sure they do sell themselves!! Love it!