Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garlic harvest 2013

This is what my garden looked like this morning. 
And then I pulled the garlic out. This year I grew 2 rows of 16 feet. That's 98 plants. May seem like overkill for a family of 4 but I only grew hard neck garlic which means there are 5-7 cloves per plant and all of the cloves are large. This means that many of the cloves will be saved for planting, a lot will be used fresh and some will be dried. 

After cutting the stems and roots off, I threw all that stuff back into the garden. Covering up the dirt means fewer weeds and this also means that the unused portion goes back into the soil when I have it tilled in the fall. 

Make sure when you pull out a row that you turn your drip line from on...

To off. 

Now you can see what it looks without the garlic. I will be planting a few fall crops soon. 
98 cloves of hard neck garlic. The cloves are spicier and larger. No tiny cloves to deal with. 

They will shrink some from this size because they must dry for storage but the over all bulb is larger than soft neck garlic - the type you see in the grocery store. 

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Stoney Acres said...

That's a great garlic harvest. We didn't get any in last fall so we are really missing that home grown goodness this year!!