Friday, July 26, 2013

Parrots and the pea patch

 Instead of heading into town to watch the big fireworks display, we sat on the slope in our backyard and shelled peas until it was too dark and then we watched the display from the comfort our quilts.

Kiwi helped eat peas while I picked peas and ripped out the remaining plants.

Mambo sat nearby and watched.

But the temptation was too much and Mambo wanted some peas too. 

The celery is doing well, even since I cut back on the watering.

And the broccoli was delicious.

We had several stacks this big.  We shelled and shelled peas.

I had some great little helpers! 

Mambo loves riding on Dad's shoulder, especially when he has on this red shirt.  

And maybe you can tell from this photo but we added a second propane tank and had it filled.  It was about a dollar a gallon and we figure with prices lower than they've been in a couple of years, it would be a great idea to have enough to keep us from having to buy it when the prices are really high.

The summertime lettuce is doing well.  It can handle the heat of the summer.  In fact, I need to go pick some for a picnic dinner - we've been asked to bring the salad.

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