Saturday, August 25, 2012

Garden Update

I don't know if we'll ever get this front flowerbed finished.  I have big plans.  Simple plans really, but big impact.  So I stuck a few extra cabbages in the front since it's not happening this year. My son was so excited to pick this cabbage. 
 He felt so accomplished.

These are Hungarian Partridges. We have had a large flock here for a few weeks.  They like to sit in my garden when the sprinklers are on in the grass.
 Another cabbage.

My corral bells are blooming.

And more pumpkins are turning orange.  I already have 5 inside.  We'll see how long they last.

And a flock of little grey birds with yellow fronts are fertilizing my garden for me for FREE! They love sitting on the empty trellis and well, they sound so pretty and they quit hitting the living room window so they can stay.

My big Daddy Onions are almost ready.

And these crappy cages are not tall enough or strong enough.  

These cherokee purple are getting huge.  Last week I picked 1 at 1.2 lbs and another at 1 lb.

And this cage bit the dust, literally. 

My husband stained the beams on the front of our home.  He also bought 2 4x4 beams that are 8 feet tall for our grape vines.  My daughter decided to stain them.  I know all about the leaching into the soil stuff but by the time these things produce any grapes, my daughter will probably be in college.  Our soil is terrible.

My son thought it was great to climb on the propane tank (because that's something we never let them do).

This is how big one of the vines is after 4 years.  The other two are half the size.

Some of the flowers out front are so pretty.  I really need some blooming fertilizer for the rest.  

The beams look so pretty after being stained.  What a difference!
Now I'm going to go work on a project with my Silhouette Cameo ... for Halloween ... it involves black vinyl.  yay!

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