Thursday, August 16, 2012

Night out Against Crime and Life Flight takes the center stage

It was fun to see Life Flight come in and land.  Unfortunately it wasn't grandpa.  He actually relieved this crew the next morning.  But it was still fun to see.  And it was funny to here the nurse say, "Oh I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU LIVE! We fly over all the time." And by that she means, 'we fly nice and low right over your house so you can come running out and wave at Grandpa'.

My son peaking in.

My daughter peaking in and telling her cousin next to her all about how cool her grandpa was to teach her all about it.

Did you know this is the only CIVILIAN operated hoist in America?
Well, now you do.  My Dad worked hard to get it and they have saved many lives with it.  Check out one rescue HERE - and yes, that's my dad flying. I don't know how my mom sleeps at night.

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