Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden Harvest and getting there...

These are some of the Cherokee Purple I've harvested.  They are delicious and are my second favorite for flavor and the plant produces a lot of tomatoes that are especially large.  This one weighed 1.2 lbs and the one to the right that you can sort of see was 1 lb.

I took photos tonight because it's Sunday and I don't work in my garden on Sunday.  I did walk around and look at it. 

Bell Peppers starting to get big.
 Cayenne Peppers

Cherokee Purple on the vine - splitting because I changed the water schedule again.
 Early Elberta peach tree

Small Early Girls


Big Daddy onions drying

Red Beef Steak

 My garden tonight

 Spirit Bush Pumpkin


Stoney Acres said...

Wow things are looking great in your garden. Your tomatoes are looking fantastic!! Ours are really struggling in the heat down here in Salt Lake.

What is that Melon? Looks very interesting!!

I love the view from your garden. We love the Cache Valley. We have almost moved there a couple of times. Maybe when the kids are done with school!

Jalane said...

You do good work :) it was so good to see you on Sunday also! You looked so cute yourself :) I haven't forgot about our girls night! I love seeing all your pictures of yur garden and how you can everything,I really do think your amazing!!

rmgales said...

Looks like you had a great harvest. Your Cherokee Purple tomatoes look delicious. I'm hoping for better luck next season with mine.