Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet Kiwi

 My daughter had a goldfish for 2 years that someone gave her at church during the nursery lesson on God created the ocean and sea life.  And then she had a beta fish and after 3.5 years she got another one that lived 6 months.  But we've never had anything you could pet or train or anything like that. 

Maybe you remember when we rescued the baby robin that ended up in our window well. Well that's when the desire to have a bird started.  I had a BB parrot when we lived in Panama.  And later a blue budgie and a white budgie, I took care of someone's mean and messy cockatiel for a year while they were overseas, and then we had finches.  My favorites? The BB parrot and the finches.  

So I researched and researched for months.  I really wanted a male Eclectus but being so far from a good avian vet I decided against such a big bird with a strict diet.  I knew I needed a parrot from either central or south America because they are less dusty.  The drier the climate of origin the more powder they produce and I know I would be terribly allergic. I have no problem with our Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure.  We picked him for a number of reasons.  They are quieter than other Conures.  He is smaller which means a smaller less expensive cage.  And he is more colorful than other green cheeks. 

I talked with other people selling them via KSL and they were all still being handfed.  When I called Bird World they had 3 baby green cheeks out on the floor who had been weened for a week.  We made the drive and I reached down to pick one up. He jumped right on my hand and we've been buddies ever since.  Kiwi loves my hair especially at nap time.  I let him sit on my shoulder to sleep and only when he is being good and if he'll step up without resistance.  We've had him a week and he is really a good bird.  No, he doesn't talk yet. And right now I'm training him to lay on his back.  


rmgales said...

How adorable. Love the name and his color is beautiful. I can see that you're going to enjoy him.

Jalane said...

He is beautiful! Im glad you guys are loving him :) He sounds like alot of fun. Cant wait to see his progress!!