Thursday, April 26, 2012

I purchased some Slogger brand garden boots with a gift certificate I got for Easter.  I am allergic to soy, palm kernal oil, nuts, wheat, melons, and berries so most candy is out including 99% of chocolate.  So I got a gift certificate to the garden store.  Of course I had to spend a little more than I received to get these but I love them.

I can wear them without socks once in a while because they are thinly lined- like when the wind is blowing the cover of my square foot garden - or I can wear a thin sock and still stay cool enough (I have super duper hot feet - like it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes).  I am super excited about these.  They are even comfy with my big calves.  For someone 5"1' I have really big calves and tiny ankles. Go figure!  

Anyway, my son loved them so much he took his birthday money and bought the little boy's pair in blue with red stars.  Now he's as "cool" as his mom.  I love that he still thinks I'm cool and I'll hold onto that as long as I can.

And I don't know if you can see my blank walls about my kitchen cabinets in the background but I am finally making plans on how to decorate those.  We've only been here 5 years.


rmgales said...

I brought 2 pair of Sloggers last year, but mine aren't as cute as yours. Love the color!

Robin said...

Nice boots! That's so cool that your son got a pair too. Some kids always think that their moms are cool even when they are teenagers.

I'm 5' and have big calves too. I think mine are from gymnastics (many moons ago), lots of bike riding and skiing. That's my reasoning :) I also get super hot feet...I wonder if it's a short person, big calves thing!