Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Final Baby Robins Update

I am excited to say that our baby robins are all grown up and gone. You can see the mommy robin with her baby beeks in this top image - click on any of these to see them larger.  They were hungry little birds!

But one of them hopped the nest when he was too little.  Maybe he was the runt and was kicked out. Not sure.  My son spotted him.  We took him inside and put him under a large clothes basket on a towel and fed him worms for 3 days.  On the 4th and 5th day we let him out all day and he stayed on the front doorstep.  The momma robin came back and fed him worms.

This is our robin on the last night.  I became a little attached to him.  I grew up with birds - finches, parakeets, a most amazing and wonderful small parrot, and a mean cockatiel.  But I kept my eye on my goal - I wanted him strong enough to fly away.  And guess what ... he did!  On the last day, about the time I was totally sick of looking for worms, he flew away.  What a relief and I just felt really good inside.  And this is why we take photographs - to remember the fun and joyful moments of life!

Since then we have taken the wreath off the front door - removed the nest - and placed the wreath on the door into our garage.  I don't know if I'll even place another wreath on our front door.  But I'm grateful for these birds and the opportunity my children had to see them grow up and fly away!

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