Saturday, November 05, 2011

Reusable Scrap fabric bows

As promised - the first tutorial on the bows.  Now mind you, this is the first one I've ever made so it's not perfect. It usually takes me three times before I get things just right.  But here goes.  
Remember this bow?

Well, I had some leftover fabric from my 18" and 20" pillows.  so I lined it up on my cutting mat.  And I used my new broken clear something or other - sorry I have no idea what those things are called.  They are super handy and a must for making this quick and easy.  

See? I just cut them at every inch.  

Just like this.  This is folded over and double thickness. (photo by my 5 year old)

That's important because you want your pieces double sided.  This makes the inside and outside of the bow more colorful and it gives it a little more structure.  You don't want the bow too flat. I sewed each piece twice - once on each side and it's just barely inside the presser foot.  You can decide how much fringe you want.

See? two pieces. 

I'll show how to get the fringe just right later.  But in the meantime my kindergartener was busy counting to 60 on my tape measure.  He is so good to entertain himself for a bit every once in a while.

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Jen said...

Cute! I don't know what we did before rotary cutters and self-healing mats. Another really quick way to make your strips is to make small snips every inch, grab the fabric on each side of the snip and RIP! It's very therapeutic. :) Bonus? Faster fringe!