Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Green Side - 18 inch Christmas Throw Pillow Covers

So you probably remember this - 2 days ago right?

And I didn't show you the green side.  So I had to make the bands a bit off center and for someone like me, it's almost more than I can take.  I love symetry but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So with the extra pieces of left over fabric I made this CUTE fabric package bow.  The strips are 1" wide and make them as long as you can.  I stitched all the way down both sides.  You should see the pile of string left over after pulling it to make the fringe.

Click on these to see them larger.  I just sort of did by eye - sorry no measurements on the rest.  I sewed 2 together and them 4.  Then layered them.  Then hand stitched the center loop and then stitched it to the rest.  I love how it looks but I think I need to make it bigger for these pillows.  

But honestly - who can argue with handmade bows that use up fabric scraps and can be used for years? I may just have to make a bunch more!


Jalane said...

CUSTEST darn thing ive ever seen!! Seriously im in love!

Marne said...

Super cute Laura. Do a tutorial! I love it.

Chris and Leslie said...

Love it!

thejohnmfamily said...

Oh, I love them. You should sell them--I would totally buy one.