Friday, November 04, 2011

Shoe Box Display

My daughter had a book report and a shoebox display all due a day apart.  It's a good thing she likes to read.  And it's a good thing she is learning to type and find info on the web.  I only had to remind her that she forgot to mention a few of the critters so she added those and her report was finished. She chose the Mangrove swamp because we got to go through the Happy Happy Ecosystem display at the Oregon Aquarium.  She could choose swamp, forest, or desert. I spray painted the box and cropped the background photo and made the crocodile.  She made the fish, crab, mangrove roots, log, and snake and painted the mangrove roots and all the characters.  She hot glued the sea stars and plants in place.  She spread the mod podge and sprinkled the sand on it.  She even cut the foam brick to form the hills - although I was a bit nervous about that.  Sometimes as a mom we just have to realize that if they cut themselves they'll be more careful next time but that with me watching she was careful enough and it all went well.

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