Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seasonal - 18" Christmas throw pillows

So this first photo is so that you can get an idea of where the new throw pillows are going and the color of my couches.  You can see the old throw pillow covers on the couch - that was when they were new. 

This is what happens to linen after about 7 and a half years of wear with small children in the home. I bought the 18" pillows and the linen covers at Pottery Barn.  

Then I measured them to get an idea of what I needed in the new pillow cases.  Of course I am making Christmas covers and they will not remain on the pillows all year - at least until I can find some heavy duty cotton that is made to look like linen.

I decided on making them 17.5 inches because I want them to look a little more fluffy. And can you see why I picked this fabric - the green looks lovely on my couch.

I cut all 4 pieces.  The back is an envelope style so they overlap.  That means that I cut a 22" piece (wish it were longer but I was working with fat quarters here - I found them at Pine Needles - Yikes - new fave store)

Then I finished all the edges that would be showing. 

And left all the edges that will be finished later.   

I placed the band that would cover the envelope "seam" on the back. 

 Line up the first piece of the back.

Then line up the last piece.

Here is what it should look like. If you have a bigger piece of fabric make sure you make it overlap more.  It'll look better.

Pin it all together starting with the banded area and work to the right and then the left.

As you can see I used a regular sewing machine for this. 

I did a zigzag and then a regular straight stitch to finish it off.

Stitch length

Turn it inside out.

Iron it if needed.

Stuff it with the pillow.

And throw it on your couch.

Front and back.

Close up of the cute band. Don't you love it? 

Love this! 

And this too. Isn't this fabric delicious?  It's by Moda I think.

Just having fun with the depth of field on my camera.  Then my son told me I needed to cover the big leather pillows.  So we went to the local quilting store and they happened to carry the same line.  I bought enough for pillows and an adorable Christmas apron for me.  

My daughter picked out two fat quarters to make a blanket for her 18" American Girl doll.  I love that she loves to sew too. And guess what???

She asked me to teach her to IRON.  

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