Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall leaves and General Conference

During the afternoon session of General Conference we decided to take another drive.  IT WAS A GORGEOUS DAY! And can I just start out by saying that it was just like this photo below.  Sometimes we struggle to get the eye to see what we see. When we saw what you see in this first photo we were speechless and Tyler stopped the car and got out the camera.  I added a tiny vignette but other than that I didn't do anything to the photo.  How did it turn out so great?  It's called a circular polarizer.  It allows you to cut the glare and get the sky to remain it's amazing blue color. Click on the photo to see it larger. 

Tyler took this photo.

And this one was just off the peak.  I took this photo. Gorgeous wild flowers!

We were shocked how much snow was up there.  It's amazing how much more than what we saw July 2010 and you'd think it being Oct 2011 there'd be less by now.

And Tyler took this photo too. Beautiful!


Jalane said...

Oh my goodness Laura these are the most gorgeous pictures ever! Breath taking! Thanks for sharing :)

Jenn said...

That is one thing I miss about that area. Fall colors. We have to look really hard for any of that here. Those are amazing pictures. What an amazing day.