Saturday, October 01, 2011

A clean garage and the new to us old car

I don't normally share these kinds of things with others because I don't want them to take it the wrong way but please hear me out.  The car we leased for 3 years went back to the dealer in April of this year.  It was okay and got us around.  It was a toyota camry and honestly the corolla I had before it, was a much better car.  

Since then my husband has been carpooling to work and saving the $$$ that would have gone to another car. He decided since it was just something he needed to get back and forth to work in that it needed to get good gas mileage and needed to be under $10,000.  He also wanted it to be fun. Well, he found it and test drove it and wanted it but decided to keep looking.  After 2 weeks of driving a bunch of other cars he finally decided this was the one.  It is 11 years old.  No, that's not a typo.  It is 11 years old - it's a year 2000.  And that's Grandma's McQueen car my son is sitting in and her driveway and she took this cute photo.

It has 70,000 miles on it.  It's got a few dings and we spray painted part of the black area around the rag top because the paint was chipping off and well, we didn't want to replace the entire top. Tyler took it in and had synthetic oil put in.  It needs a new stereo - it has a cd player that skips and the radio barely gets a signal. That's gonna have to wait. But it's cute and fun and gets amazing gas mileage. Tyler even got it for nearly $3,000 less than it was valued at and for less than his goal you saw above. You can't assume it was expensive just because it's a red BMW. We need to take the seats apart and fix the little pieces that hold the seat belts forward.  That'll be a doozy.  Thank goodness for youtube videos. Now I just need to learn to drive it.  It's manual.  ack.

On the 24th we spent the day cleaning out the garage.  It looks so much better. It's nice to not have to worry about all the dead grasshoppers and all the dirt - oh and all the stuff I dragged in from the garden.  I like driving the Jeep and he loves his little car.  Can you hear me singing the primary song: We are a happy family!

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Jalane said...

That is SO awesome! It is SO cute, I love it!! What a steal, seriously 70,000 miles for a 2000 is DANG good! Good for you guys :) And I swept my garage yesterday and what a big relief to pull into a clean garage!!