Monday, October 03, 2011

Cache Valley for Hope Gala and dress

This is the first nice dress I've purchased since we got married.  My friends tell me that I could wear it if we go on a cruise.  Well, we have $200 in pennies, nickels, and dimes saved so it's gonna be a while and hopefully my body won't change too much so I can still fit in it.  It's hard to find a modest dress that a 35 year old mom can wear.  I purchased it at Petals and Promises.  Most of the time I'm dressed down, working on a project or in the garden or something,  I'm sure my husband appreciated me getting all dressed up for once. Go check out Cache Valley for Hope

 If 10,00 people in our valley donated $10/m we could generate $1,200,000 to help the cancer patients in Cache Valley.  There are 300 people currently being treated at the local cancer center, not to mention those who go out of the state for specialized treatment. 

One of the mothers who spoke at the Gala has a son with a terminal brain tumor.  The clinical trial meds he is needing cost $12,500 a month and his insurance hasn't decided if they'll cover it because it's a clinical trial.  It's working and his brain tumor shrunk 25% already.  He's 16.  

Another mother brought her 2 year old whose rare retinal cancer can only be treated in two parts of the U.S.A.  

Another mom spoke of her battle with breast cancer with 3 young children at home.  

And the last was a gentleman with pancreatic cancer who hadn't been to the doctor for 50 years and was surprised when his skin and eyes started changing color. 

 It's super simple but elegant.  I've never worn big earrings before.  I kinda like them! 

And Pam at Valhalla did my hair.  And yes, I retouched my face.  Are you kidding me - I have to smooth out my skin.  Chemo is not friendly to skin.  It's so rough.  

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thejohnmfamily said...

You look fantastic, and what a wonderful excuse to buy a beautiful dress.